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I have posted a few more drafts that I had based on media analysis. I have also rearranged some posts for coherency. I am quite happy with my blog, and feel that I have worked incredibly hard in the last few days. I don’t think I have allowed the quality to suffer event though I have let myself suffer. I now know not to underestimate such a task like research, and feel that I would be prepared to produce another. I would need to manage my time a lot more efficiently, but failure to do so this time around isn’t unsurprising, adjusting into university, living on my own, and developing my own study habits. I do regret however that I haven’t managed to meet the depth of work that could have been met with more intensive and rigorous study. I could have looked at more books surrounding media and fashion theory, photography and books to do with youth culture and gender, sex and drugs. I managed to use a few journal sources which was helpful, and the books that I used where sufficient in giving me wider context of Day’s work. The media analytical techniques proved effective as well as over-running topics from other modules like Approaches to Media, allowing me to briefly apply Barthes and Baudrillard to Georgina, Brixton and heroin chic.

However, it is now time that I start to wrap-up the blog. I still have a few more entries to publish, and the final tasks to do as well as proof reading the blog before submission on Monday midnight.

  1. Research Findings
  2. iMap
  3. Writing Plan (for critical review)
  4. Critical review
  5. Bibliography

I also think I’ll do some form of a contents page.


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