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Terry Richardson is a noted fashion photographer, born in New York City and raised in Hollywood. His, work has featured in French and British Vogue, ID and The Face. He’s shot for fashion houses such as Gucci, Mui Mui and Chloe, and his work has been referred to as like that of heroin chic. However, his images feature a more glitzy, celebratory feel, perhaps not as distressed and arguably depressing. 

I found the above interview quite interesting and very telling. I could relate what he said to his work and that of Day’s, and the reception of their work as surprisingly different as to what Richardson refers as ‘old-fashioned’ traditional fashion photography. I must admit that there is something aspirational about his images, a lavish and dopamine filled feel which is quite alluring. I also find it interesting to note how Richardson was part of a Punk Rock band, the influence of which is evident in his work, intertextualised and bounding it to a larger structure of heroin chic, and certain themes associated with rock and punk carrying over to other photographs and photographers of such heorin chic genre.


Video available from: [accessed 25.11.2010]


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