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Georgina, Brixton; Corinne Day, born 1965


  • Intertextuality (Quotation)

I don’t think there is alot of direct quotation in the photo. From looking at the photo there isn’t much similarity between any media/art works that I can think of. However I can think of similarities from my imagination of the type of drug and alcohol, sex fueled lifestyle some models may lead. Day may be quoting this in her selection of the photo. However on first look of the shot, I though that Georgina may have been a prostitute. However that may be purely judgmental instead of me having a preexisting idea of a media work that she could have quoted.

  • Paratextuality (Footnotes, captions, titles)

I cannot find evidence of this in the photo.

  • Architextuality (Genre, architecture of text)

The genre of the photo is influenced by the candid style. It constitutes to social documentary, and even domestic photography. From my research I can also architectualise the photo in a fashion genre. This raises some points that I should attend to especially about how her work may be considered an style of photography in its own right.

  • Metatextuality (Critical commentary)

The photo may not look critical, however the intention of it is very critical of fashion and its perceived validity. The accepted notions of beauty endorsed by the industry are criticised here, as well as the associated glamour and aspirational qualities within a fashion image. The photo which arguably exists in that context is metatextually critical and questions what is real, and what isn’t, what is and isnt beautiful and to some extent the conventional need of training to become a photographer. Evidentially her background, becoming a self taught photographer challenges this.

  • Hypotextuality (Transformation and extension of text)

The photo is quite hypotextual in that it transforms the fashion image. I say this as there is use of a fashion model, of garments and a location, elements evident in conventional forms of fashion photography. However Day extends this through her juxtaposition of Georgina in a less fashionable photographic construct.

  • Hypertextuality (Hyperlinks in digital culture)

I cannot find evidence of this in the photo.


  • Chandler, D (2002) Semiotics: The Basics Routledge

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