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I have looked at the 1980s in a few more ways by focusing on the the photography and fashion of the time. I can see from the previous post how different Day’s works are. I can already answer a few questions based around this and other questions raised by the photo Gerogina, Brixton.

  • Content Who is Georgina, What is going on?

Georgina is a fashion model whose full name in Georgina Cooper, who worked in the 90s. I can only guess what is going on but from the context of Day’s work I can tell that what isn’t going on is perhaps more important. She isn’t as a model ‘should’ be, and the photo isn’t how fashion ‘should’ be seen either. She isn’t being fake but is captured in a real life situation.

  • Intention: Why so candid, How did she do it, As close as you can, Learn to be creative?

The candid aspect of her work is to adhere to intention presenting contrasting imagery and placing it in a fashionable context to which the contrast is enhanced. The candid aspect also gives an un-stylized, un-refined element to her work to emphasise the ‘realism’. She must have done it by simply taking photos nonchalantly on a frequent basis, eventually selecting which photo matched her intention the closest? The ‘as close as you can’ to real life is supported by claims that the photo manages to do this, immortalizing a moment in time. The still shot left supposedly un-refined is as if through the eye of Day, and whilst her personal intention may obscure the supposed reality, it is only as subjective as real life is for everyone.

I can also answer questions related to the intertextuality of her work. I have a clearer understanding of the mindset of a Brit in the 1980s, through exploring social documentary, youth culture and popular media. The rebellious, live for the moment and post-modern discourses critical of largely held conceptions are event in Day’s work, and her explanations of her work.


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