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My last post was really helpful, giving me some historical, social and cultural context. I can intertextualise further by exploring 80’s fashion photography and music more. What I have learnt so far, I have acsosiated it to Day’s work. It’s incredible to see how there are themes and ideas in society which are recycled through media texts, especially with the music influences in Day’s work.

  • Day’s work has a rebellious nature, which hit its peak in 80s rock music.
  • Day’s work is of a nostalgic feel, with music/photography evoking emotions.
  • Work features post modern ideas, rejecting catergorical notions of beauty.
  • Day’s interest in the ‘not so good looking’ is like that of celebrity cultures of the 1980s.
  • Day’s lifestyle is like that of the early 1980s.
  • Sense of freedom and idealism in Day’s work.
  • Citical and focus on the injust.

I will go on later to apply Chandler’s types and degrees of intertexutality to Georgina, Brixton.


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