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Kate Moss, #22 The Face Magazine July 2010

The Face magazine, once “the world’s best dressed magazine” plays a big part in Day’s career and in 90s youth culture. Initially established as a rock magazine by journalist and magazine editor Nick Logan, The Face went onto heavily influence fashion and music style trends. The first issue was published in May 1980 and went on to regarded as the “80s fashion bible”, subsequently involving contribution from fashion photographers such as Inez Van Lamsweerde, Steven Klein and David LaChapelle in the 90s after new editor Richard Benson brought a younger aspect to the magazine. Other names associated to the magazine are Elaine Constantine, Jon Savage and Neville Brody. The Face suffered in 1992 after being charged for libel damages of up to ¬£300,000, and closed in May 2004 after a loss in advertising revenue, a decrease in sales and competition from other magazines.

The Face magazine is remember by its readers with nostalgia, reflecting the times which is an aspect evident in Day’s work. *quote here about documentation of how she lived****** Day’s contribution to the magazine resulted in iconic imagery of then 16 year old Kate Moss at the start of her career, with the intention of simply presenting the teenagers presence on an East Sussex beach.

The 3rd Summer of Love series resulted in controversy, however is highly celebrated by many. To understand the criticism and appreciation, I can research the images further within their historical context.


#22 Kate Moss, Summer of Love, The Face Magazine July 1990 [online images] available from:


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