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I’ve been quite slack recently with my blog entries, and feel that  I need to review my progress so far. I think I may be racing ahead of myself by starting theme inquiries and I need to make sure that I am answering my initial questions in the mean time. I think this is due to me getting more and more interested in the research. I could improve my work by posting regularly and coherently. This was made clear to me at today’s group review. The session also showed me that there is a lot more material available in journal form from the library. This information was really useful as I’ve been finding that trust worthy information is hard to find online especially with numerous tributes on blogs dedicated towards Corinne Day. I also think I need to summarise  my work and access what questions I have answered so far. From now own, I should direct my research along the lines of the questions raised and investigate wherever they take me.

*I’ve had to re-arrange some blog entries for coherency


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