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After more research, I have more knowledge about the photo, which it at first glance seems far away from the world of fashion. I can add to my previous post about semiotics:


  • Model, Georgina Cooper
  • No fashion


  • Real life- life outside of fashion, downtime from model life

The myth that comes from this and the other signifiers and signifieds:

  • “Models lead the good life” money wealth and fame.
  • “Sex your way to the top” sex and an illicit lifestyle is the key to success.
  • “Rebel to be heard” you have to be different for your work to be noticed

However true or false the above statements, they are myths held in culture. The photo in conclusion detonates a model, contorted on the ground of an anonymous dirty room, with a worn out face gazed off in the distance, shot from a seemingly awkward and off balance technique. This connotates a sense of reality, that the model is outside of her usual surrounding, and the lack of retouching and styling emphasizes the candid raw nature connotating reality, also with the idea of drugs and derogation with the models unkempt skin, spaced-out glaze, and the idea of danger and dirt with the surroundings and loose cables. This carries mythological references that “Models lead the good life”, “Sex your way to the top”, “Rebel to be heard”.


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