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Questions raised so far:

  • Who is Georgina? why is she the subject? what is she doing? why are her feet so dirty?
  • What is going on? why is she on the floor? why is the room so bare?
  • Why so candid? what is Day trying to say? how does it compare with her whole body of work?
  • 1995? is this significant? what was fashion and photography like at this time?
  • Brixton? is this meaningful and how does it influence the photo?
  • How did she do it? how did Day produce this shot? how does Day work?
  • ‘as close as you can to real life’ Why is this significant? What was real life for Day? How close did she get?
  • controversy What controversy? How did this affect Day and her work? Wider implications?
  • conventional beauty What is considered conventional beauty? How does Day refer/respond to this?
  • ‘you must learn to be creative’ How did she learn? When did she learn? How does this effect her work?
  • ‘heroin chic’ What is this? Why is it significant? How is it used in her work? Negative connotations?
  • ‘anti-glamorous’ Is this true? In what way? New type of glamour?
  • every day life What would this be for Day? …for a model?Does it reflect accurately?

I can actually group the question to make research easier:

  1. Content Who is Georgina, What is going on?
  2. Context Brixton, 1995, Everyday life?
  3. Themes Heroin Chic, Anti-Glamour, Conventional Beauty, Controversy?
  4. Intention Why so candid, How did she do it, As close as you can, Learn to be creative?

Researching Day’s personal life will also help with understanding these different points as well as uncovering even more information.


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