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Kate Moss, Kate's Flat, 1993

Dubbed as ‘heroin chic’, Corinne Day captures an ‘anti-glamorous’ alternative to fashion photography claiming that the photos produced are “stale, just about sex and glamour, when there are other elements of beauty.”

Corinne Day began work after moving back to London from LA, working as a photographer for music magazine The Face, and describes music as being a very big source of inspiration for her. It was in the 90’s where her ‘grungy’ work set a trend, as well as launching the career of then teenager Kate Moss. Day works in a personal way with her sitters, photographing them in their every day life, contrasting to work at that time, and Day’s previous contributions to fashion magazines such is British, Italian and Japanese Vogue.

Corinne Day’s work has displayed at the National Portrait Gallery, Tate Modern, Saatchi, Victoria & Albert, Gimpel Fils and the Photographers Gallery. She is a self taught photographer, who’s work is based on ‘getting as close to real life’. Opting out of using conventional methods such as airbrushing, Day introduced a documentary feel to her work creating very powerful and personal photos. Her candid and hard hitting style has been the subject of controversy, examples of which can be found in her 2000 publication Dairy, as well as many unpublished photos of which Georgina, Brixton is one of.

Day later returned to the glossy imagery, however her gritty style remained present, working for magazines such as Ray Gun, Dazed & Confused and Vogue Homme International. Day is referred to as one of the ‘most influential photographers’, focusing on the cracks instead of glossing over them. This is clear in Georgina, Brixton, and the invaded privacy of the model is an example of Day’s personal and documentary style. She is also mentioned as pioneering a new beauty, and her imagery contains themes such as sex, drugs, and an imperfect beauty.


Kate Moss, Kate’s House, 1993 [online image] available from:

quote sourced from: accessed on 15.10.2010

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