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By analyzing the photo Georgina, Brixton, I can identify the following:

Denotation (Signifiers):

  • Dirty Room
  • Under wear
  • Crooked angle
  • Off camera gaze
  • Unpolished image
  • Candid
  • Dirty feet
  • Only person in the shot
  • Underwear
  • Chair
  • Bare room
  • Under-dressed Georgina
  • Tears in sofa
  • Faded carpet
  • Cables

This is what is apparent in the photo, when taking it at face value.

Connotation (Signifieds):

  • Dirty lifestyle- dirty feet, unclean room.
  • Prostitute- style of underwear, type of imagery evoke based on references to other media.
  • Real life- not retouched, not staged, candid so without manipulative intention.
  • Personal element- access to the subject in her underwear, set in a room, meaning some sort of relation.
  • Drugs- spaced out gaze.
  • Discomfort- contorted body, anguished face.
  • Danger- loose cables.

From the denotations, I thought about what implications and implicit meanings they evoke.


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