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The photo by Corinne Day is entitled Georgina, Brixton and presents an uncomfortable image. The portrait shows a woman in her underwear contorted on the ground, as if struggling to rise to her feet. She is collapsed over a chair in what appears to be a barely furnished, dirty and cold room. The composition in the photo suggests to me along with the title, that the surroundings are as important as the subject, and the crooked angle of the camera adds to the awkwardness of the the shot. The subject’s glare away from the camera gives the photo a candid feel, documented intrusively by Day.

From prior knowledge of Corinne Day as a photographer, I assumed that there is a fashion related element to the photo. However there is interest in this shot as it is unconventional as far as the typical fashion image, which intrigues me. There are also many other elements of this photo that would be worth investigating and researching, as well as finding out about the Day herself.

  • Who is Georgina? why is she the subject? what is she doing? why are her feet so dirty?
  • What is going on? why is she on the floor? why is the room so bare?
  • Why so candid? what is Day trying to say? how does it compare with her whole body of work?
  • 1995? is this significant? what was fashion and photography like at this time?
  • Brixton? is this meaningful and how does it influence the photo?
  • How did she do it? how did Day produce this shot? how does Day work?

There are many lines of investigation that I can follow in relation to this photo, and the photographer is as important the image as is the content. Therefore I will begin by finding out more about Corinne Day so that I can apply this to my understanding of the photo.

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