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The more I research about Corinne Day, the more I’m interested. It’s amazing to find how her thoughts and ideas are still relevant and are as true as ever, and yet it feels that nothing has changed. Fashion photography is as far from the truth as it has ever been, and even more so as technology develops. I don’t see this as completely negative but the calls for the truth to be printed are as potent now as in Day’s work during the 90’s. I’m yet to come to this, as well as a variety of other points highlighted in the previous post. I re-entitled the biography as brief, after discovering there was a lot more to Day that which could be posted initially. I already feel like I’m beginning to understand the photo, and will understand more as is continue research.

The group exercise in the 3rd RCP lecture proved valuable in understanding where I can take my research. I’m already beginning to address some of my initial questions, and have come to find out more by using primary and secondary sources. I can also research in terms of social, cultural and historical contexts, by looking at 80’s/90’s fashion photography, how Day has influenced following decades, her whole body of work and her photographic style and techniques. I am coming to touch upon the latter as my research develops naturally.

Questions raised from Brief Bio:

  • ‘as close as you can to real life’ Why is this significant? What was real life for Day? How close did she get?
  • controversy What controversy? How did this affect Day and her work? Wider implications?
  • conventional beauty What is considered conventional beauty? How does Day refer/respond to this?
  • ‘you must learn to be creative’ How did she learn? When did she learn? How does this effect her work?

There are other aspects about her biography that interest also, like her determination and battle with illness, her relationship and work (if any) with husband Mark Szaszy, and her other work in general, especially those which sparked controversy. Also, other points of interest may be assessing response to her exhibitions, and within the fashion industry.


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